Patient Testimonials

“I came to see Dr Shah after having been to another cardiology center that told me nothing was wrong. They just increased the drugs I was taking. I was referred to Dr Shah and he recommended an ablation. It was scheduled and I can’t describe how much better I am. I had put off knee replacement surgery because I felt so tired and out of it. I can drive again, go out with friends again and am planning to go back to work. My friends can’t believe the difference in me since the procedure”  – Sharon S.  (St Petersburg, FL – 2/14/12)


“I cannot say enough about the care I recieved from Dr.Shah and Bay Area Heart. Before, during and after my Ablation, my care was exemplery. I highly recommend Dr.Shah and Bay Area Heart to anyone that needs Heart Health Care.” – William H. (Clearwater, FL – 2/14/12)


“After years of suffering with Arrhythmia, I know I can live a normal life. I was never able to go outside when it was humid, but now I can breathe with no problem. I will be forever grateful to Dr.Shah.” – Sandi H. (Auburndale, FL – 2/24/12)


 ”Both Bernie and I feel very comfortable here at Bay Area Heart Center. We feel like family under Dr.Shah’s care. We feel the care that Bernie receives is the same care Dr.Shah would give to his father. Also, the office staff is very respectful and polite.” – Bernie and Pat B. (Michigan/Florida – 3/6/12)


“I met Dr. Shah when he was on call at St. Anthony’s Hospital, where I was admitted overnight due to an afib/aflutter episode.  He educated me on options available for my afib condition, including ablation.  Dr. Shah’s experience with ablations gave me confidence to opt for the procedure rather than continue on the arythmia medication for the rest of my life.  The outcome has been more than I hoped for.  I haven’t felt this well in years.  In fact, the care was so exceptional I am recommending to my father-in-law to fly in from Texas and have his ablation performed by Dr. Shah.  Thank you!”         -Rich H.
(St. Petersburg, Fl  – 3/14/12)
“As a paramedic,  I work with doctors on a regular basis. Rarely have I seen such an amazing level of compassionate care. Dr.Shah is the Gold Standard of what Medical providers should strive for. He performed his job so well that unfortunately I will not be able to visit with him any more (since my arrhythmia is fixed.)”     -Meredith S.  (Gulfport, Fl – 3/20/12)
“As an active 42 yo man, I lived with my A.fib for the past year. I cannot begin to explain the relief and results from my ablation. Do not hesitate to go through with this procedure if recommended. Dr.Shah is incredible and I owe him a lot for giving me my Normal life back. Thanks to all the fine people at Bay Area Heart for all you have done for me and my family.”      -Roy W. (Largo, Fl – 4/20/12)