This is a video during an actual case. It gives you an idea of the equipment used during an EP study and ablation.

This video shows how we use a 3 Dimensional Mapping system to identify the various structures in the Left Atrium (left upper chamber of the heart) including the Pulmonary Veins. This “Map” of the left atrium then allows me to accurately pinpoint the areas that need to be ablated


This video shows the left upper chamber of the heart (Left Atrium) as well as 4 Pulmonary Veins as seen using a 3 dimensional mapping system. This technique is used in most Catheter based Ablation procedures for A fib. The red dots are the Ablation lesions (3-4 mm each) made inside the heart which help to electrically disconnect the Pulmonary Veins from the rest of the Heart, and thereby help treating A Fib.